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Our Fruits

Our Cherries

Seaquist Orchard Cherries
Cherries may not always be in season, but there are many options to choose from during the offseason. (Dried cherries and frozen cherries are available, and they are some of the most popular options for baking, etc during the winter months.)Seaquist Orchard Cherries

Cherry Facts

  • Wisconsin grows approximately 5% of the nation's cherry crop.
  • The total U.S. tart cherry crop is 200-400 million pounds of cherries!
  • Tart, Montmorency cherries is the variety grown primarily in the U.S.
  • Door County is a great area to raise cherries because the lake tempers the spring frosts.
  • Tart cherries are mostly sold frozen, dried or in juice.
  • Cherry pie filling is the #1 canned pie filling seller in supermarkets.
  • The U.S. leads the world in sweet cherry production - the total production is about 370 million pounds.
  • Most sweet cherries are sold fresh during the summer months.
  • The most famous sweet cherry variety is the Bing Cherry.
  • Seaquist Orchards has the largest acreage of cherries in Wisconsin and processes about 2/3 of the state's cherries.

Our Apples

Seaquist Orchard Apples

We ship our apples to you!
Please call (800) 732-8850 for more information.

Seaquist Orchard ApplesSeaquist Apple Facts

Seaquist Orchards Market carries over a dozen varieties of apples. They include:

MACINTOSH - Late mid season. A large, bright red apple with a heavy bloom, McIntosh is the archetype of the American apple style-perfumed, crisp, juicy, snowy white flesh. The flavor is good, being sub-acid and perfumed.

IDA RED - Late season. A cross of Jonathan and Wagener. Large, yellow/bright red flushed to solid bright red fruit, ripening just before Red Rome. The flesh is white, firm, crisp and mildly acid. It is usually somewhat acid when it is picked, but mellows in streage.

GOLDEN SUPREME APPLES - Late mid seaon. A chance seedling, Idaho 1960. A large, smooth golden yellow apple with a pink blush, G.S. is sweet and similar to Golden Delicious in flavor. It is also a very good culinary apple.G.S. is precocious and vigorous.

Seaquist Orchard Honey Crisp ApplesHONEY CRISP APPLES - Late season. A cross between Macoun and Honeygold The sugar:acid ratio is well balanced, it is crisp and juicy. The tree was bred specifically for winter hardiness, H.C. is moderately vigorous, with average fruiting precocity.

SPARTAN APPLES - Mid season. Spartan is a medium sized apple with solid very dark red skin and pure white juicy, crisp flesh. It has an excellent aromatic, vinous flavor. The tree crops well and spurs freely.

JONAMAC APPLES - Late mid season. Very similar to McIntosh, but with more color (90% dark red blush) .The medium sized fruit are superior in taste to McIntosh.

CORTLAND APPLES - Late season. A cross between Ben Davis and McIntosh. Cortland is almost identical to McIntosh in all respects, but Cortland ripens a little later, is a bit larger, and has a brighter color. Big, red with dark stripes, perfumed, slightly acid, very good flavor, Cortland is, with McIntosh, the archetypical American apple. It is good for pies as it doesn't brown when it is sliced. It crops heavily.

JONATHAN APPLES - Mid season. A medium sized apple with thin, bright red-blushed skin contrasting sharply with the crisp, juicy, yellowish white flesh. The flavor is archetypically 'appley' and aromatic and is one of the best in the crisp American class.

GALA APPLES - early mid season. A cross between Kidd's Orange Red and Golden Delicious, this very sweet 'perfumy' fruit.

Apples are available at our Door County Market through October.

Source: Apple Varieteis for Home Production

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